10.40.10 & The Back-to-School Shuffle: How Parents Can Keep Their Sanity (and Fitness) Intact

10.40.10: A workout routine for parents to keep their sanity and fitness in check during back-to-school season.
10.40.10 Team
August 29, 2023
10.40.10 & The Back-to-School Shuffle: How Parents Can Keep Their Sanity (and Fitness) Intact

Ah, the joy of back-to-school season! The time when every parent is torn between dancing with glee as the school bus pulls away (guilty) and the dread of organizing the infamous school-year schedule. Remember when you thought you were busy this summer? Welcome to the whirlwind of school drop-offs, pickups, after-school activities, and the perennial question: “Did anyone see where I left my sanity?”

But fear not, brave leaders of the next generation of model Americans! Amidst the chaos, there’s hope. Introducing the 10.40.10 solution to your back-to-school scheduling woes. Let’s explore why and how parents should carve out that golden hour for themselves.

1. You Time = Quality Time

Fact: A Harvard study found that stress can be as contagious as the common cold. If you're frazzled and frenetic, chances are, your mini-me will mirror that energy. A 10.40.10 workout can be the reset button you need, ensuring the time spent with your kids is of a higher quality (and with fewer accidental stress transmissions!).

2. Boosted Brain Function

Remember those school forms you forgot to sign? The packed lunch left on the counter? A workout can help with that! Regular exercise boosts brain function, improving memory and attention span. Think of it as your secret weapon against forgetfulness and those dreaded "Oops!" moments.

3. Morning Routines with a Twist

Here’s a humorous truth: Kids are like alarms, but without a snooze button. Most parents are up early, either willingly or by the will of a toddler dictator. Why not use that early rise to your advantage? A quick 10.40.10 session can set a positive tone for the rest of your day.

4. The Joy of Flexibility

Kids’ schedules are unpredictable. One day it’s soccer practice, the next it’s a sudden costume requirement for a school play (cue the frantic, last-minute crafting). The beauty of the 10.40.10 workout is its compact nature. It doesn’t ask for half your day; just one focused hour. It’s almost as if we designed it with clairvoyant knowledge of a parent’s life! (Almost.)

5. Laughter & Endorphins: A Power Duo

Humor is vital in parenting (and life). Combine that with the endorphin release from a good workout, and you’re essentially bulletproofing yourself against daily dramas. Lost shoes, spilled milk, or that science project you just learned about? Laugh it off, work it out!

6. Model Behavior

Kids are always watching, even when we wish they weren’t (like when we sneak that extra cookie). When they see you prioritizing health and self-care, it sends a potent message about the importance of taking care of one's body and mind.

The he back-to-school season doesn’t mean giving up on yourself. In the legendary words of every parent: "It's just a phase." And during this phase, you can absolutely prioritize your health, sanity, and fitness. Come rain, shine, or forgotten lunches, with 10.40.10, you've got this! So, as you ride the rollercoaster of parenting, remember to schedule your stops at 10.40.10. We promise, no homework required. 😉

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