Hero Mission: Daniel Prigge

In honor of an American Hero and 10.40.10 Friend that was taken away from us too soon


Saturday, April 29th 2023! Doors open at 8:00 am with opening announcements at 8:30 am!


Heats at 9:00 am and 10:30 am! LIMITED SPOTS IN EACH HEAT!


Durty Nellie's Gastropub 180 N Smith St, Palatine, IL 60067


$99pp nonmember, $60pp (10.40.10 Member), $15 spectator

Why "Hero Mission"

Join our fitness challenges, dedicated to the brave men and women who have inspired us with their courage and selflessness. Our distinctive fitness approach aims to revitalize the American spirit, cultivating a supportive atmosphere where we uplift one another. Let the heroism of these outstanding individuals ignite your passion to push boundaries and achieve greatness. We say, "Fitness for us because of them!" Complete the mission and receive a coveted Challenge Coin!

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Hero Mission
Hero Mission

About Daniel Prigge

Daniel Prigge was a humble man who received two purple hearts from Iraq, underwent 95 surgeries, and suffered from various injuries, including a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and partial blindness in one eye. Despite his injuries, he always put the needs of his team first, and his selflessness was considered heroic by those who knew him.

Despite receiving two purple hearts and undergoing numerous surgeries due to injuries sustained during his time serving in Iraq, Daniel Prigge was a humble man who always put others first. He did not consider himself a hero, as he believed those who didn't make it back from war were the true heroes. On March 29, 2020, Prigge passed away at the age of 31, likely due to the physical toll his injuries had taken on his body. He will be remembered by those who knew him for his selflessness and dedication to his team.

Despite not wanting to be labeled as a hero, Daniel Prigge was an incredible person who always put others first. He was known for his kindness, selflessness, and love for his family. His girlfriend, Annabell, describes him as someone who went above and beyond to ensure the happiness of those around him.

His injuries from war and prescription medication played a role. He had visited the emergency room three times that week for pain management but was sent home due to COVID-19 concerns. Prigge was in significant pain due to his injuries and suffered from PTSD, making it difficult for him to do everyday things. He believed military service was necessary, but wanted those who joined to have a clear understanding of the reality and sacrifices it entails. He spent his life helping other veterans with their struggles and reminded his followers on Instagram to enjoy life while they have it.

Daniel Prigge's death due to the tolls of war received less public acknowledgment compared to service members who died in combat. He was a proud Ranger who fought for his country and his family, but suffered from injuries sustained during his service, including PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and respiratory problems. Prigge's death is part of a staggering number of U.S. veterans lost each day to reasons other than old age, with an increasing suicide rate among veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite the challenges he faced, Prigge was dedicated to helping other veterans with their struggles.

Daniel Prigge's military roots went back to the Civil War, with his father and grandfather also serving. Despite undergoing over 60 surgeries due to injuries sustained during his service, Prigge remained humble and focused on the sacrifices made by other service members. He often shared updates on his injuries and surgeries on Instagram, while acknowledging that others had gone through much worse. Prigge lost 16 friends during his service, and he was always grateful to be alive despite the challenges he faced.

Despite his own struggles, Daniel Prigge was always dedicated to honoring the sacrifices made by his fellow service members. He lost 16 friends during his service, and he was determined to keep pushing forward in their memory. Prigge believed in using the time we have on earth to better ourselves and contribute to the bigger picture. He encouraged others to reflect on their legacy and the impact they wanted to make.

Alex Witt knew firsthand the pain of losing a friend in service. His best friend Patrick Zamarripa died while serving as a police officer in Dallas. Witt sees similarities between Zamarripa and Daniel Prigge, including their love of country, devotion to service, and embodiment of sacrifice. Despite making it back from Iraq, both men lost their lives in the United States. Witt believes that both men would do anything for their country and its citizens.

In the wake of Daniel Prigge's sudden death, Alex Witt is determined to ensure that his friend is not forgotten. Witt's gym and protein bar company are dedicated to honoring veterans and first responders. He befriended Prigge when he came to speak at the gym, and they formed a strong bond. While they didn't serve together, Witt feels like he served alongside Prigge. Witt understands that helping veterans will inevitably involve moments of loss, but he remains committed to honoring those who serve.

“We’re not just a business, we’re a team, and Dan was a huge part of our team,” Witt says. “Dan was an amazing person, an amazing leader, an amazing friend, an amazing brother. He inspired so many people, not just with his military service, but with his life.”

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Your donations go directly to Operation Enduring Warrior whose mission is to honor, empower, and motivate our nation’s wounded military and law enforcement veterans through physical, mental, and emotional rehabilitation.

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