The Vision Behind Patriot40: From Fun Indulgences to Mindful Living

A 40-day journey to take back control of our health & well-being, make mindful choices, & prioritize ourselves.
Alex Witt
September 5, 2023
The Vision Behind Patriot40: From Fun Indulgences to Mindful Living

As we kick off the first week of Patriot40, I want to share a little about the journey that led us here.

Years of sifting through diets, embracing quick fixes, and tackling the newest "fad" trends taught me something vital: the most effective approach isn't always the trendiest. Through a series of trials, errors, and quite a few lessons learned, the realization dawned on me that many of these "magic solutions" are neither sustainable nor realistically achievable for the long run. The result? A spiraling cycle of hope, effort, and inevitable disappointment.

The big thing we all have – stress. It’s a constant, sometimes overbearing companion in our lives. And if you’re anything like me, you've probably sought relief in the form of alcohol, cannabis, or other temporary escapes. These might seem like they're doing the trick in the moment, but they often contribute more to life's challenges than they alleviate. These substances, while offering a momentary reprieve, amplify life’s stressors and wreak havoc on our bodies with inflammation.

The genesis of Patriot40 was my way of taking back control - to declare to myself that I won’t be swayed by external pressures, but rather be led by mindful choices. While the world around us may be influenced by corporations benefiting from our indulgences, we have the power to choose differently.

Don't get me wrong, I’m all for a good time (those who’ve seen "Vegas Alex" in action know it's a sight to behold and lasts for a mere 72 hours, but oh boy, is it a wild ride 😂). But there's an essence to finding balance. This challenge is more than just a 40-day commitment; it's a pledge to prioritize ourselves. By investing time and energy into our own well-being, every other facet of our lives – work, family, and relationships – stands to gain.

So, here's to staring challenges in the face, seizing control, and making decisions that uplift us. Remember, we're in this together and breathe the same air.... even in Vegas

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