Hero Mission: Daniel Prigge

Dedicated to a 104010 friend lost too soon


Saturday, April 8th 2023


9am kickoff and heats will start throughout the day at their own leisure as it’s a race.


Durty Nellie's Gastropub 180 N Smith St, Palatine, IL 60067




10.40.10 Member




Why "Hero Mission"

A workout with a higher purpose than vanity. Dedicated to a fallen hero who may be a community member, Military Hero, Community Hero, and more. These workouts are curated in their memory. Raising $ for charity and building a solid community. With the goal of taking back what it means to be an American through our fitness style. We believe that if you help the person next to you, you will find improvement in yourself. And these individuals went above and beyond in doing so. Therefore should be honored as such...Heros

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